PL 1300 UV-C Sanitizer     $249.95 Plus Shipping    
Purifier for Cars, Motor Homes, RV's, Boats & Travel makes it possible to drastically reduce germs, mold, mildew, dust mites and, odors in the rooms or cabins of any auto, home or vessels. The PL1300 conveniently plugs into your cigarette lighter 12V outlet and for homes and larger vessels a 120V DC power adapter is included. The unit is very compact and does not take up any passenger space. Mildew, fungi, bacteria, dust mites and molds are very common problems around the world. The PL1300 safely reduces them all! Using advanced technologies of UV-C light, can radically reduce air pollution caused by mold, dust, particles, germs, bacteria, harmful gasses, smoke, odors and more.

The PL1300 can also make the air in any area fresher and cleaner as it effectively reduces dust mite colonies and mold in your upholstery. It's so compact you can take it in your purse, overnight bag or suitcase for hotel/motel bathrooms, telephone receivers, pillows, baby seats, headrest, keyboard/mouse, any surface you want to safely clean and sterilize.

Perfect for mobile homes, motor homes, automobiles or, campers! Convenient for travel to use in hotel/motel bathrooms, telephone receivers, pillows, baby seats, headrests, earphones, keyboards/mouse anything or any surface you wish to clean and sanitize.

UV Safety Glasses*, AC/DC power cord & wall adaptor, Carabiner Hook.

Retails: $299.95 Save $50