GermSweeper Compact Sterilizer     $69.95    

The UltraLite Germ-Sweeper provides special UVC and Ozone. The Ozone created by the GermSweeper can further enhance killing and deodorizing functions.

The Ultralight Germ-Sweeper hygienic product is designed for multi-purpose needs. It can eliminate numerous pathogenic bacteria and germs!

The UltraLite Germ-Sweeper is so compact you can take it in your pocket, purse, overnight bag or suitcase. Use when traveling: in hotel/motel bathrooms, on telephone receivers, pillows, baby seats, headrests, keyboard/mouse, any surface you want to clean and sanitizes.

According to the "Japan Food Research Laboratories" testing report, use of the GermSweeper for only 10 seconds can kill:
-Escherichia coil ATCC 43895 99.841%.
-Staphylococcus aureaus IFO 12732 99.458%
-Salmonella enteritidis IFO 3313 99.847%

One 9V Alkaline battery can irradiate 500-720 times for 10 seconds intervals

Dimensions: 84 (W) x 93 (H) x 30.5 (D) mm
Weight: 90 g
Push Button: Mode/UV on-off.
LED Indicator: 10 Secs./30 Secs./300 Secs. 3 LED, 2 Button