HD-35 SWUV AC/DC    

The HD-35 SWUV AC/DC is the Rolls-Royce of short-wave UV light! It is the most powerful short-wave ultraviolet light available! The HD-35 uses a custom high output 35 Watt 254 nm mercury vapor light for optimal performance. The quartz light technologically superior shape for a more even distribution of the ionized mercury plasma. This gives double the arc length of typical straight lamp. The special grade quartz tubing used transmits more ultraviolet than commercial quartz tubing used in other lamps. Our cool light requires no fan, saves power for more UV output!

The high-intensity SW-UV light this unit produces makes it possible to use it in situations where ambient light is usually too bright for UV examinations!

For display or exploration our GIANT 38.5 sq.in. Double Polished Optical Filter produces a 20% brighter more focused ultraviolet light than cast grade filters!  The HD-35 SWUV has the brightest clearest ultraviolet transmission available!

Switch to 12VDC operation for field exploration with a 75W inverter. Battery not included.

* Tilting head * 75W inverter * Strong base * ABS body * Cool, safe operation * 38.5" (in2) double polished filter * 35 Watts