PL1300 Filtered SW-UV     $399.95 plus shipping    
This AC/DC hand held UV light is the most powerful light weight (10.5 oz) hand held light of its kind on the market. It superior compact H-shaped light tube produces more UV than other tubes of higher wattage. The high-quality double polished filter produces a full spectrum of UV with its peak transmission at 60% short-wave, almost 20% higher than other filters. This makes it ideal for field exploring! The electronic circuit draws 1.08 amp providing hours of use on any 12V battery pack. A 6 amp hour battery provides six hours of continuous use, 9AH = 9 hours and so on. Battery not included. Compact and light enough to easily slip into your pocket, or hangs from your belt allowing you to use both hands to pick up the rocks you will find with this light. Comes with hard shell foam lined carrying case, UV Safety glasses, AC DC adapter,3,6',8', to 10 foot power cord, and carabiner hook.

$399.95 Plus Shipping, Battery not included. Retails: $449.95

Hard shell carrying case, UV Safety Glasses*, AC/DC power cord & Carabiner Hook.